About Destiny Church Glasgow


Destiny Church is a Christian church and ministry, which began life in Glasgow through founding pastors Andrew and Sue Owen. The church is called Destiny as we believe everyone has one! And we will help you find it.

Destiny church Glasgow is an international multilingual church-with more than 57 languages spoken amongst its members. The church has a small number of full-time paid staff-but a huge army of volunteers. We also have a powerful and vibrant youth ministry called Gnr8. The youth pastor for Gnr8 is Daniel Owen.

Destiny Glasgow offers quality leadership and discipleship training through it's full and part time college, Destiny College.

Destiny church would be considered Pentecostal or Charismatic by some, in that there is considerable evidence amongst its participants of healings and life changing supernatural power at work. Pastor Andrew Owen describes the church as a contemporary apostolic Christian movement that thinks like social entrepreneurs.

Today, Destiny churches are established throughout Scotland, Germany, India, Ireland and Kenya. These churches are inter-dependant, and work together as a family of churches.

They are non-denominational, and hold to traditional evangelical Christian values, but express church life in a modern contemporary way. You will find lively worship with lots of home grown songs, a very relevant Bible teaching programme for all ages and a loving family and community, into which you are warmly welcomed to Destiny Church Glasgow.

Andrew Owen: Pastor's Biography

photo of andrew owenAndrew Owen is the senior pastor of Destiny Churches and founder of Destiny Ministries, a global initiative bringing hope, change and inspiration to many.

He has overseen the planting of more than 200 churches which now now work inter-dependently within the Destiny family across Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and India.

Andrew advocates that we should think globally but act locally.

He is a social entrepreneur bringing about positive change for the marginalised and new opportunities for those left behind. Social initiatives include:

  • Destiny angels - a national help line (www.destinyangels.org)
  • The Destitute food programme
  • Gnr8 - a major youth outreach
  • Destiny College - a unique training programme for other budding social entrepreneurs and key leaders. (www.destiny-college.com)

Andrew endeavours to model his work on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. To this end he is an avid author and broadcaster.

He is married to Sue, have five sons, and resides in Renfrewshire Scotland.

What's it Like to Attend Destiny?

This Christian church is relaxed and informal, the leaders and ministers are called by their first names. You can come to church dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, and you will often find the pastors speaking dressed down, with few formalities.

The meetings are very lively, interesting and regularly offer opportunity for people to be prayed for. The meetings usually last for 1-2 hrs, with most offering a great children's programme.

This is one Christian church where you will feel right at home - when in Glasgow come and see us.

Destiny Glasgow in the Community

Destiny church Glasgow is hugely involved in the community, providing;

  • Mums and toddler groups
  • Help line with Destiny Angels
  • The "Bravehearts" 12 step recovery programme
  • Christian counselling service
  • The food store feeding programme
  • The Destiny Kids children's programme
  • Uncut, the young adult and students programme
  • And much more

The children's pastor is Ruth Schubert, and the student pastor is Phil Everitt.

Destiny Church Glasgow in the Media

The media have over the years expressed a great deal of interest in this church due to its continued expansion and growth, and the highly acclaimed healing meetings.

Media interest has come from:

  • BBC - "Right to Differ" documentary
  • STV - Healing meetings
  • Readers Digest - Healings
  • Daily Mail - Healings
  • Independent- an unusual move of God.
  • Evening Times - Community awards
  • Local free newspapers
  • Joint aid management humanitarian relief and feeding programmes.

What We Believe

Here are some of the things which are important to us:

  1. We believe in the existence of God as divine creator of all that we see.
  2. We believe that this God is passionately in love with people.
  3. We believe that God wants everyone to experience and enjoy a personal relationship with him.
  4. We believe that sin and human selfishness has separated us from God, and has caused us to be far less than that which we were meant to be.
  5. We believe in the existence of a devil and demonic forces who are sworn enemies of the human race and of all that is good and right.
  6. We believe that all men and women need to be rescued.
  7. We believe that God sent his son Jesus Christ into the world to rescue us through his sacrificial death on a cross in Jerusalem.
  8. We believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day, and lives today.
  9. We believe in one God that exists in three persons. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  10. We believe that there is a life after this one. There are two destinations Heaven or Hell.
  11. We believe that the choice we make now concerning Jesus Christ affects the final outcome.
  12. We believe that God wants to heal, bless and transform our lives by his supernatural power so that we can in turn help others.
  13. We believe that God does not discriminate against people, regardless of their age, race, colour, creed, political or sexual preference. He offers life to all and any that will believe in him.
  14. We believe that He has revealed his wisdom and ways to us through an infallible book known as the BIBLE. It becomes our guide on all matters.
  15. We believe that Jesus Christ will one day return to this earth to bring his church to himself.
  16. We believe that there will be a final day of judgement where the small and the great will be called to account for their lives.
  17. We believe that God created each person for a unique purpose and destiny.
  18. We believe that God has charged us with responsibility for communicating His love and truth to all we meet.
  19. We believe that God has charged us with social responsibility. We are to live generous lives, doing all that we can to help others.
  20. We believe that we have a financial responsibility to God and by giving generously honour Him as the source of all that we have.