eNews | Important Update – Church Online!

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends & especially Destiny church members,

Important announcement in line with current coronavirus advice:


Everything has changed in our world but our God remains forever the same.

We continue to pray over this pandemic sweeping our world. There is no need for any Christian to fear in that we have a COVENANT with our God. We read:

“In those days you were living apart from Christ. You were excluded from citizenship among the people of Israel, and you did not know the covenant promises God had made to them. You lived in this world without God and without hope.” – Ephesians 2:12

We have an unshakable agreement with our God through the most precious blood of Jesus. And all the promises of protection and provision apply.

But as we work with our government keeping everybody safe, we start to move all our fellowship meetings online this weekend.
Working with suggested guidelines applicable as of today, Saturday night will be our last gathered in a building for some time, so from Sunday come to church online at:

  • 11 AM Sunday morning
  • 5 PM Sunday night

Church Online!

Join us with your family and friends around your laptop, phone or tablet for a full-on meeting with worship and faith filling word.

It’s very important to keep yourself spiritually strong as well as physically strong. This will be your biggest key to living through these challenging days.

Until further announced changes, growth groups and Destiny College will continue until our schools are closed and kids told to stay home.

We as a church are also a FRONTLINE AND ESSENTIAL SERVICE into our community. Not everyone can self-isolate since essential services have to be provided and for some, the isolation could kill them.

We are a living church in a real community.

We need volunteers like never before to take a big personal risk and be willing to serve on the FRONTLINE.

  • We need volunteers to go out and visit people and pray for people. We need volunteers to deliver food, medicines and care.
  • We need volunteers to be willing to meet, greet and minister to people who feel the need to meet real people and who will want to turn up each day at our buildings.

Jesus touched the leper’s without fear, He ministered to the needy at every turn. Our buildings will be open every day with pastoral staff for those who wish to physically come for help.

We won’t be needing some of our Sunday service ministry teams for a while, but we do still need many volunteers to be on both the FRONTLINE and with our media team as we now reach even further into the world.

If you want to be a FRONTLINE volunteer please connect below:

I Want To Help

Or you can email into: servingteams@destiny-church.com

We also need food and supplies like never before, and we will be using our legacy missionary fund to provide assistance to those in need, that fund needs funds.

Donate Here

By next week, we will have a full-on kids and youth online programme.

Many challenges – many questions – but one big answer GOD.

Great news just in as we talk with our European churches, where these nations have been 2 weeks further ahead in the outbreak than us.
3,000 new churches go online in the last 5 days.
15,000 + first time commitments for Christ online in last few weeks.
This challenge is a great opportunity!

Watch out for our frequent and regular updates, the latest information will always be available on our website here:

Our Response To Covid-19

Ration the news and feast on the Word.

We love you guys,
Andrew & Sue