Our Vision and Confession for 2022

The Way Forward in 2022

In 2022 we aim to be a church that is:

Simple, Sweet & Strong
Simple in our lives, sweet in our attitude, Strong in God

Catch up on the Vision shared at The Way Ahead service on Sunday 9th January:


Our Confession for 2022

We will trust God with all our hearts
We will not listen to – or live by fearful reports concerning our future
We will abide under the shelter of the most high
We will live by and on the promises of God and trust his report
We will believe for victory in the challenge and for peace in turmoil
We expect and anticipate the favour of God in our lives- families and church
We will walk in obedience to God and his word and expect the blessing that this brings
we will navigate change in grace and support and supply all that we can into Gods house and his kingdom
We will pray with faith and consistently read his word with expectation.
We will bear witness where we can – show love and kindness at every opportunity
We will walk in covenant with one another
We will lean on the Holy Spirit and will not make flesh our arm
We will utterly- totally and in every place lean on Gods power and ability knowing that our own strength will never be sufficient
We will walk through this year thriving not just surviving giving glory and thanks to our great God
Gratitude will be our watchword and thankfulness our password
Worship will be our way of life as we live to serve the greatest name of all

We declare over 2022 that JESUS IS LORD