Destiny Ministries

Destiny has become an international family of churches under the oversight of Destiny Ministries.

We describe ourselves as a ‘contemporary apostolic movement’.

All our churches are ‘interdependent’, working under the oversight of an apostolic team, and committed to working together. They all input where they can to reach our world.

We don’t want to make a difference in our world, we want to make our world different.

There are many churches strongly established in many places and new ones just emerging.

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Evangelical Alliance

Destiny Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Alliance. You can read more about the Evangelical Alliance here.

Want to be involved?

Many people are finding they have a passion to start a church, or be a part of one starting. If that’s you, and you have an interest in what we do, or even might consider partnering with us, we would love to hear from you, contact us here.

There is room in the Destiny Network for existing churches, we often say that we can do more together than we can apart. Interested? Contact us here.

Destiny Church’s family extends to many places through two very important initiatives:

The 1st we call Life Groups. These are small discipleship groups made up of anything from 4-25 people. They may live at a distance, but they are very much part of the family. Our pastors are their pastors. Our family their family. They connect on Sundays through livestream, and meet as a small group mid-week. Distance is no object. And we are on hand at every stage to help make it happen.

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The 2nd initiative is ‘Church Online’. You can be fully involved with our church family, it’s outstanding teaching and consistent leadership through our church online. You will learn how to get into the Word, pray with others, and even have an opportunity to serve online, making a real difference in the lives of others. This is really useful for:

  • People who may live in a place where there is no real living church
  • Work unsocial hours
  • Shut in through difficult circumstances
  • Just come to faith and don’t know other Christians
  • People wanting an international connection and may be moving into our area.
  • People who are already trying to build church where they are, but need others to strengthen their hands.
Want to know more?

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