Our Team

Meet some of our staff and key leadership team who look forward to meeting you around the church!

We also have a myriad of outstanding volunteers who serve throughout our locations in Glasgow and the wider region, they are the life of our church which makes up our Destiny family.

Andrew Owen

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church Glasgow

Andrew’s primary role is teaching pastor and senior team leader.
He is responsible for preparing the Word and messages for the church, designed to bring us into a living relationship with God, grow our faith and increase our effectiveness in life.
He works weekly with the senior leadership team of the church as they prayerfully seek to lead us all forwards.

Sue Owen

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church Glasgow

Sue is the worship pastor and oversees multiple teams of musicians and worship leaders, who write lots of their own songs and lead us in a dynamic worship experience.
Sue also leads the women's ministry known as ‘Diamonds’, an initiative particularly focusing on encouraging, empowering and discipling women of all ages in all matters of faith, life, work and family.
Sue also regularly speaks both locally and further afield.

Niel Deepnarain

PA to Pastors Andrew & Sue

Niel assists Pastors Andrew & Sue in their Senior Pastor roles.

Daniel Owen

Executive Pastor

Daniel oversees all aspects of administration, finance and trust and legal matters pertaining to the church. He is also a regular and passionate preacher and teacher.

Mike & Marys McKeever

Destiny Edinburgh Lead Pastors

Mike & Marys oversee our Edinburgh churches, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and a great passion to see the church advance.

Theresa Akintaro

Destiny Aberdeen Lead Pastor

Theresa oversees our Aberdeen Church. Theresa & her family felt God's call to relocate from Glasgow to grow the church in Aberdeen and beyond.

Phil Everitt

Missions & Outreach

Phil is overseeing the planting of Life Groups. He also oversees the Student & Young Adult's Ministry, BOLD, across the church.

Barry & Kathy Nicholson

Southside Location Pastors & Social Action Pastors

Barry & Kathy oversee our Glasgow Southside locations as well as being integral part of our Hope Hub & Community Grocery

Ivan Squillino

Evangelist & Indian Orphanage Overseer

Ivan travels the country as an evangelist and oversees the work at the Indian Orphanage in Orissa. He also leads our prayer ministry and intercessors team.

Razvan Drulea

New Connections Pastor

Razvan's main focus is looking after those who connect with the church and getting them settled in to the different pathways and groups within the church. He also oversees the Glasgow City Location alongside his wife Simona.

Dave Thomson

Director of Counselling and Community Action

Dave oversees all aspects of counselling, education and practice as well as safeguarding around the Destiny Family. He has responsibility to direct and develop Community Action Ministries with the aim of changing lives and transforming communities.

Lou Walls


Lou supports the church and staff team undertaking a wide range of administrative tasks to ensure the effective running of the church and the Destiny Community Counselling service.

Ari Robotin

Finance Admin

Ari is an integral part of our Finance team overseeing all the administrative work to ensure that all of our records are kept accurate and up to date

Liya Li

Office Administrator & Worship Co-Ordinator

Liya supports all of the administration across the church as well as being the main worship co-ordinator

Claudia Lopez

Kids Pastor

Claudia oversees our Kids Church on a Sunday and the spiritual welfare of the children within the church

Narcisa Owen

Destiny College Dean

Narcisa is responsible for the running of Destiny College and the students in attendance

Simona Drulea

Destiny College Administrator

Simona oversees the administration for Destiny College

Adi Drulea

Maintenance Team

Adi oversees all aspects of maintenance within all of our buildings and works to ensure that all all of buildings and safe and presentable for everyone.

Marian Drulea

Maintenance Team

Marian oversees all aspects of maintenance within all of our buildings and works to ensure that all all of buildings and safe and presentable for everyone.

Cipi Drulea

Maintenance & Media Support

Cipi helps to over see maintenance work as well as being an important member of our Media team