Our Vision

Our dream, mission and vision

We want to Reach our city and our world.

R.E.A.C.H. is the acronym we use to express our vision.

Raise up many effective living churches in many places.

We often pray Psalm 2:8, where we read, ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. A living church is one where you can meet real people, who know a real God, and enjoy living with real purpose. We pray that God will enable us to make at least some difference in every nation on earth. There are presently 204 nations, we are working in about 60 of them.

Evangelise our community and areas beyond.

We are determined to be effective in introducing our friends, colleagues and neighbours to a living relationship with Jesus.

We believe that all of us should take personal responsibility for this urgent task, by living open lives with others, and inviting our friends and family to join us at church or one of our special events.

We always make an opportunity for people to come into a living relationship with Jesus, at every meeting.

Further, we host many events, particularly designed for those who might be searching, or need an encounter with God. They include such things as Healing meetings, Alpha programmes, special guest speakers. Look under ‘Coming Up’ to find the latest opportunity.

Accelerate Christian maturity

The gospel of Jesus doesn’t only save us but is intended to bring us into a very full inheritance set aside for us by God. This inheritance includes promises for every situation, faith to overcome, and keys to bring us into effective and productive ministries and destinies.

We believe that every Christian is called to be a minister, it’s just that our location may be different. Some in the church, some in the market place, some in the school’s others in the hospitals, and in so many other places. To function in your calling, you must be able to function by faith. This faith life has to be discovered and learned. We do this by continuous and relevant teaching and preaching, discipling and mentoring, practical opportunities to learn, and sharing lots of personal stories and experiences.

You will soon discover that all we teach and believe is based on God’s amazing Grace. It’s not what we can do for Him, it’s what He’s done for us.

Champion the name and cause of Christ

This is first summed up in Worship. Worship is simply the over flow of our hearts with gratitude to an amazing God.

You will hear us say, we are not here to make a name, but serve one!

In worship, we take our eyes of our limitations, and fix them on God’s limitless power and love.

We have an outstanding team of creative, contemporary musicians and worship leaders, who often write their own songs and lead us in dynamic times as we gather together.

Many people come to the church for the worship alone.

Secondly, we live for this name, by doing all we can to the best of our ability, attempting to show love and excellence in all that we do.

Thirdly, we honour this name by recognising that He is the source of all we have. This includes our breath, life, strength, food, families and opportunities. Consequently, all serious Christians are givers, they bring in their first tenth, (simply called a tithe), and then give over and above this.

Fourthly, we want to speak up for this name in our homes, lives, places of study and workplaces. Sometimes these days – that’s a challenge. We live at a time it seems, when every group can have an opinion or moral view, except Christians. We promote the right of others to have any faith or no faith, but we have these rights to! And so, we pray to God for boldness to speak up for this name we love so much. Regrettably some Christians have gained a reputation for being against everything, but actually God is FOR us, and FOR life.

Helping hands into an often hurting world

Jesus was the best example of serving. He is the King of kings, yet He came to serve us. How remarkable is that?

We believe that we all have unique gifts and abilities. We should then use these gifts in serving the Church, as this is the Body of Jesus on earth, and He is the head in heaven. And in serving the needs of the community around us.

We sometimes say, find a need and meet it, find a hurt and heal it.

Destiny Angels is our active ministry into the community, and we have many existing initiatives, and new ones about to start. Click here for more information.