All Black Lives Are Precious

All Black Lives Are Precious

Andrew Owen

“In response to the present crises, I have gone out to speak with as many of our black church family as possible, both local and further afield, including our black pastors and key leaders and I just want to say:

We are so proud of you guys in our black church community, we applaud your endless service of love into the church, your desire to honour God, your willingness not to react when you had every right to do so, and your ongoing passion to make a difference. We truly thank God for your role in our lives and your commitment to the mission of truth, love and social justice.
We are all so much richer because you are here.
Thank you.”


Read the Latest eNews from Pastor Andrew – Thu 11th June ’20


The murder of George Floyd was a tragic unnecessary death, another life ending too soon.
There is an even deeper issue though, as it was another black man’s life ending too soon in the most horrific fashion.
As Christians, we can share in the pain that our Black and Ethnic communities face through injustice.

There have been far too many racially motived murders in America and all around the world, including our own country. But this one has caught the world’s attention more than most.


The brutal nature of this death caught on camera is now compelling people to face the reality of racism in this world and their world and communities.

As a church we are called to mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice and at present we are very aware that many people of the black community throughout the world and within our church are hurting as current events have opened up painful wounds and memories. This incident has opened up great sadness and anger in people of all races who want to see an end to racial injustice everywhere.
We recognise that racism is an issue that has existed for too long. We are grateful for all that our Scottish government has done to tackle this issue, but we would all say that there is still much more yet to be done. This church will partner with others who wish to see an end to racism in our communities
We see and hear the intensity of emotion running through all sectors of society, and its present implication on the black community in particular at this time, we see the hurt in many hearts. Our focus is to seek God together, to pray with all who are affected, and to stand together, united as one.
We want to reinforce that as a church and as Christians we believe that we are all made in the image of God and He loves all races equally.
Tragically racism has affected the cultures, laws, and systems of most nations on this planet and sadly we know that this hateful and hurtful response still happens every day.

We also believe that the only way real, lasting and radical change will come, is through the changing of the human heart through an encounter with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
We can at the same time confront racism when we see it, and ensure it cannot live in our church, or in our lives, or in our communities. We recognise that this is only truly possible by God’s love in action.

We are more committed than ever to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus to all and any.

It is His word that will renew our minds and the minds of those who may have conscious and/or unconscious bias, and it is His Spirit of love that will empower those who have been hurt and victimised to find and give forgiveness to their offenders. Despite the anger at the injustice, any bitterness would have a detrimental effect on us all.
We pray that through Christ’s power and grace we would all be able to stand up against racism together. To the black members of our family, and to all black people everywhere, we acknowledge and share your pain and we pray together for healing and solutions.

Our hearts and ears are open to any who may wish to come and talk with the pastoral team, this offer is for those both within and out with the church.

We are praying for the family and friends of George Floyd as well as the family of the police officer who took his life.
We are praying for comfort, love and justice for all families connected and pray for Derek Chauvin to come to know Jesus and allow the astronomical grace of God to change his heart.
We as a church are a multicultural church who love all people. When we are allowed to worship together you will see the most beautiful example of unity. The church has been called to influence culture through the gospel of Jesus Christ and not let culture influence us.

We are an amazingly racially integrated church here at Destiny, gathering people from all around the globe and now have many campuses worldwide. Our pastors and leaders fully represent this diversity.
There are over 70 nationalities represented right here in our congregation. You are welcome to visit, online at present, and hopefully, in real life connection soon.
May we all know God’s peace at this time
There is room for you.

Welcome home.

The Pastoral Team
Destiny Church