Aug ’19 | e-News

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

THE LEGACY OF YOUR LIFEI love the story of the three rooms. It goes like this:

Given the chance, everyone would visit three rooms in their lifetime.
The first room is the room of material possessions. Or stuff in other words. More things, cars, homes or holidays. But if you ever got to the place as a few have, of having everything you could possibly want, you would quickly discover that this room no longer satisfies. A millionaire friend of mine told me that the saddest day of his life came when he realised, he could buy anything he wanted, but there was nothing he now wanted. Nothing it seems could ever satisfy the emptiness in his heart.

Such people often move onto room number two. Power, or influence over others. They might start buying up companies, sit on various boards, seek public office or media attention. They want to change things; they want to make a difference. They don’t want to leave this world the same way they found it.

But the final room people want to visit is immortality. They don’t want to pass through this world unnoticed. Would they be remembered when they are gone? So, they might fund a new “memorial” hospital, library or award, like the dynamite creator Alfred Nobel, so that even now, over a hundred years later, the Noble prizes are still given out.
In fact, Alfred Nobel was motivated in this direction by reading his own obituary in the newspapers. His brother had died, but the press mistook the information given for him. The papers read, Alfred Nobel dies, inventor of dynamite and warmonger. He did not wish to be immortalised in this way so created the Nobel peace prize.

What will be the legacy of your life? How will you be remembered? What will you leave behind? Or even send ahead?

The wonderful news is that Jesus offers that last room first. He said, whoever believes in me will never die. And goes on to also promise the other two rooms. He promised that He would meet all our needs, and that He would give us power to actually change our world. In fact, Jesus said, the meek shall inherit the earth.

A famous president once said, there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes. In our ‘live just for today’ world, we don’t often stop to think like this, but the Bible consistently exhorts us to think this way. Invest in eternity, do things now so that you will have your reward there. Nothing from room number one will even make it over. But what you do with what you have can make it into eternity. Precious souls saved will make it over, nations reached by the gospel will, and prayerful, faith filled service will.  Jesus told the disciples that compassionate acts done to children and the poor were seen in His eyes as being done to Him personally.

I want to let you know of two opportunities we will have to leave an eternally lasting legacy.

On the 27th October we will be receiving a special offering, where we are expressing it this way:

An all age, LEGACY missionary offering, for home and away.

It will be our war chest to see our God given vision fulfilled. This includes:

  • 20 campuses by 2020.
  • Upgrade to buildings.
  • New children’s facilities.
  • Missions teams.
  • Church plants
  • An ongoing investment into our orphanage in India.

On the 22nd of September we will host a vision Sunday to share more detailed information. But would you start thinking and praying now? Ask God what would He like you to give as the legacy of your life. And this is for our kids, young people, students, seniors – in fact all of us.

Secondly, a brand new and exciting term is about to start at Destiny College. There are two courses that you should consider:

  • The Certificate in Christian Leadership.
  • The School of the Holy Spirit.
Both will equip, prepare and empower you for an awesome destiny.
Don’t put off to tomorrow that which God is telling you to do today.You can get more details here.Be the hero just like the ones we are teaching about at the moment.

We love you guys and praying for you as we break bread every day.

God Bless
Andrew & Sue