Day 4 | Prayer & Fasting

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends, church members and all ‘Count Me In’ partners,

Day 4
Prayer & Fasting
Go in the strength of that
1 Kings 19:8

We have just had the most remarkable Holy Spirit night in the middle of this the week of prayer and fasting.
We were packed to the walls at our city location, making it a very tight meeting but so full of power and prophecy.
Many prophetic words came, each of which was followed by passionate prayers, sometimes in small groups and often as a large congregation. The children had their own Holy Spirit night on the 2nd floor.
One thing is for sure – this is going to be one remarkable year with faith high for big harvests and big increase.
The words that came reminded me of a statement we often make:
‘We want to grow big and grow small at the same time, big because we have so many to reach, small because everyone counts and matters.’
The prophecies that came underlined the importance of individual response married to church-wide ministry. But they also took us on a journey of inspiring faith, and then led us into an intimate moment of personal heart searching, wanting to make sure that we are walking on and in the love of God.
We were pleased to welcome folks from other churches who visited, and to cap it all several people got saved and several others filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, including some children who responded.
We finished the night by praying for our nation and leaders at this time.

We could say, that we fully expect to “Go in the strength of that” as we follow through these next few months.
But these words in the above text were spoken to the very challenged prophet Elijah who lived in the most desperate of times. The nation was apostate, the prophets were silent, the people were idol worshipping. It all came to a head on Mt Carmel and Elijah prayed fire down from heaven, won the day and overthrew the idolatrous Baal prophetic project.
Despite this remarkable result, Elijah ran, fasting 40 days, to another mountain, Horeb, the mountain of God, a place famous for intimate meetings with God.
He ran out of fear – Jezebel wanted him dead.
How could he be so fearful after such a victory?
In the desperate run, and in the midst of the fast he fell asleep exhausted, only to be woken by an angel. The angel supplied him with fresh bread and thirst-quenching water. The Bible then notes it was in these things that he was to go in the strength of.
We never hear from anyone again about the most remarkable miracle that just happened. Today, had such a thing happened with a ministry, books would have been written, “fire” conferences held, and unending travel, telling the world about the ‘fire on the mountain” experience. But strength and life weren’t found in that experience when Elijah needed it the most. It was found in bread, water and the presence of God.
As a church and ministry, we have numerous stories to tell of miraculous breakthroughs, and we thank God for each and every one of them. Perhaps you to have many testimonies to share of God’s interventions and supply. But the secret of our future is still in the Bread of the Word, the living water of The Holy Spirit and the constant reaching for the presence of God.
So, this week is hugely important.
We are hungry for the Word.
We thirst for the Holy Spirit.
And we want the manifest presence of God.

As we reach for our 20:20 vision, we want to be in God’s exact bullseye for the next plants, where should we go, and in which order?

Pray for the “make every Friday a good Friday” project as we lead up to Easter.

Pray for minibus drivers, and a new bus to go with it as we have a fast-growing ever-increasing harvest from hostel and homeless people.

Pray for the colleges and churches sending in Missions teams to help us here.

Pray for India, as we send out Ivan, Dave and Peter with Becky this next month. Solomon tells me today that we have added 200 new churches in the last season to the Destiny Family in India. Pray we complete the orphanage on time this next month.

Pray for the ‘Make it in March’ moment, as we reach for 100% tithing and offering church.

Pray for the new season’s message ‘The Power Of One’, that the teaching will revolutionise the church to another dimension.

Sunday morning continues with Vision Sunday 2019, and we look forward to seeing you over the next few days.
Big thanks for making such an effort last night.

Love you guys,

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