Day 6 | Prayer & Fasting

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends, church members and all ‘Count Me In’ partners,

Day 6
Prayer & Fasting
Pushing Through

One of my early childhood memories is my mother going to see a man called Dr Priddy and taking me along with her. He was the headmaster of a quality private Grammar School, called Emmanuel Grammar school.
This elite school was a ministry of the Bible College of Wales, founded by the famed Rhys Howells, and set in the most beautiful surroundings looking out at the spectacular Gower coastline and set in picturesque Italian gardens.
My older brother had been a pupil here, but our lives had dramatically changed since then, and she could no longer afford to send any of us lads there.
Dr Priddy was highly esteemed, and had become like a father to many, since this boarding school had been home to many children whose parents had given up everything to go out into far flung mission fields, as well as those seeking top class education for their kids.
I don’t recall much of the conversation, but I do remember him repeating to my mother, push through, you must push through in prayer.

Prayer and fasting is all about pushing through.
It’s a relentless conviction based on the Word of God, holding on to the hope that God means everything that He said.
We read,

“Daniel’s God is the living God,
He lives forever
His kingdom will never be destroyed.
His rule will never end
God helps and saves people
He does amazing miracles in heaven and on earth
He saved Daniel from the lions”

Daniel 6:26-27
Although this sounds like a Psalm, it was written by the heathen King Darius, and he sent it out to all four corners of the earth, as far as his empire had stretched.
When someone gets a breakthrough, the world will hear about it.
Daniel is unique in that he lived to an old age, survived and served 3 monarchs, threatened with death many times, and from the palaces of heathen Kings wrote about the coming King of Kings.
Daniel’s defining attribute was pushing through.
He pushed through in prayer, he pushed through with fasting.
What God has done before God can do again.

Church – let’s give one big push with prayer and fasting these next few days.

Pray today for

  • More souls saved THIS weekend than ever before
  • That we arrive soon as a 100% tithing/giving church
  • Financial MOT – Money On Track. The new 3-week teaching programme with Daniel and Pete
  • People from around the world who are expressing an interest to move here and help us
  • Those who want to plant new life groups and new locations
See you on the weekend, stay warm and don’t let any snow keep you home.

Praying for you,

Kicking off at 7pm each Thursday night, (7th, 14th, 21st Feb) the team will help you check up on your finances and bring your ‘Money On Track’.


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