eNews || 20 April

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

Introducing: HELP ME – Secrets of the Spirit Controlled life

Jesus said, ‘Apart from me you can do nothing’ in John 15:5.

We all know that we can do plenty without Jesus, but nothing of lasting value,  nothing that works as God intended. The truth is we cannot be anything or do anything that God had in mind without His help. We cannot be the men of God standing strong, or the women of God walking free.

Are our marriages working, is our parenting succeeding, or is our ministry flourishing? What about basic Christian living – like reading your Bible and understanding what you read, or praying prayers that get results? What about our church and the mission God gave us?

50 days after the crucifixion the World changed forever, for the third person of the Trinity was sent to make His home on earth. His home wasn’t a church building at the end of the street, but your body at the wheel of the car. It wasn’t a temple in a far-off country, but a family in the flat around the corner.

Jesus said that he had to go so that another may come. The Holy Spirit is the one that came.

Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes, he would help us and fill us. He would empower us and equip us. He said he would teach us and talk to us.

We are intended to be naturally supernatural.

At the first Christmas, a massive angelic announcement was made. The angel said He will be called Emmanuel God with us. It’s now better than that-it’s God IN us. The Holy Spirit was called The Promise because he brings huge possibilities.

Join us this week as we start a brand-new teaching series and learn the secrets of the Spirit-Controlled Life. Together we are going to look at:

  • Do you know Him?
  • The Spirit Controlled Temperament
  • The Spirt Controlled Man
  • The Spirit Controlled Woman
  • The Spirit Controlled Marriage
  • The Spirit Controlled Parenting
  • The Spirit Controlled Calling and Vocation
  • The Spirit Controlled Church
  • The Spirit’s Supernatural Surprises.
  • The Spirit Inspired Prayer Life

This series will be thoroughly biblical, powerfully practical, and hugely encouraging

We all know someone who needs to hear this. Why don’t you invite your friends or colleagues along? Join us in person or at any of our locations or online.

We love you guys, see you on the weekend!

Andrew Owen