eNews | Thursday 20th October

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

Fruitful Investments
We had a significant time in the Word last Sunday as we spoke on Jesus’ teaching on ‘Understanding the Times’

So many people are asking so many questions about the days within which we find ourselves.

People are using these words to describe their feelings in this moment:



But Jesus taught us to Live:
As we considered the famous parable of the talents we heard that this parable wasn’t teaching us the importance of accomplishments, but the importance of investments 
What ever God has given to us by gift, or whatever life throws at us by experience, even when difficult, Let’s turn it all at every time, in every way to an opportunity for an investment into the kingdom.

This means:

  • being fruit focused not just being busy or meeting/ event focused
  • sing our individual faith or our ‘corporate’ faith to bring people to Jesus regularly and continually
  • to never miss an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others around us
In our 40 years of ministry we have learned that there are 3 pitfalls we must avoid if any of the above are to be achieved:

Pitfall 1:
There is always a great danger that we fall in love with the assignment more than the assignorThis happens when we hold onto titles, positions. or privileges when God is saying let go. Sometimes we must let go of that which is good, to get a hold of that which is better.

Pitfall 2: 
We are disconnected from real active accountability. This happens when relationships become strained through distance or happenstance. It can happen when strands of gossip filter our hearts and stop us trusting those who God put over us. Don’t forget that these are the same leaders who helped us get to where we are today. If they loved us then- they love us now! Stay under and you will stay over

Pitfall 3:
Our faith fails or gives out.
Remember how you used Faith to get you to where you are today? The same
faith will get you into the next chapter. Faith never fails, but aith never stops being connected to the Word of God either. When people claim they have faith for steps that contradict the Word of God at best it’s wishful thinking.

God hasn’t stopped, Let’s determine not to stop either!


Guest Speaker this Sunday
This coming Sunday special Guest Isak Pretorius speaking to all locations and online bringing a faith filled life giving Word on Faith for the times.  A perfect moment to bring a guest.

Isak now leads ForAfrika (formerly JAM)  and JAGO (Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach), serving food to over 3 million children a day, and seeing hundreds of thousands come to know Jesus each year.

See you on the weekend.

Love you guys,
Andrew & Sue