eNews || 23 June

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

This week we complete and conclude our series, “Help Me – Secrets Of The Spirit-Led Life.” I have so appreciated all the feedback and comments that you have made about this series. We will be doing some more teaching on Family/Parenting in the Fall and we can’t wait to see all the guys at our upcoming Men’s Conference “FORGED” in October.

As we step into July, please don’t miss the first weekend! Sunday the 2nd of July is VISION SUNDAY. We’ve got some exciting announcements about the journey Destiny Church is taking in the days ahead.

Following Vision Sunday, we’ll be embarking on a brand new teaching series, “Blessed To Be A Blessing.” Despite our current economic challenges or even education system challenges – God wants YOU blessed! We will be taking a biblical look at what blessing actually means. What does it look like? How do we walk in it? What are the benefits and outcomes of God’s blessing? Please make plans to join us.

Some Praise Reports & Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for our Community Grocery in Glasgow as it and the staff step up into a next exciting phase, and for all of us as we commit more than ever to follow and obey the Lord.
  1. Following the Missions Offering we were able to collect at our recent Spirit of Liberty Children’s Home Gala Night – please pray for our friends in India as many great things can now happen with this gift! And THANK YOU to those who so generously gave! I’m so proud of our generous community.
  1. Pray for your church family! We are trusting God for every resource needed to continue to preach and teach the Gospel wherever the Lord has placed us.
  2. Lookout for our upcoming 3 Days of Prayer & Fasting as a church on 1-3 July. If you are a member of Destiny Church, I HIGHLY encourage you to participate with us. The blessings of this house are for your house.

We love you Destiny Family,

Andrew & Sue Owen