eNews | Friday 24th March

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God’s BIG plan

We spoke last week on the blood line, as we continue towards Easter in our series the power of the cross, and in particular drew attention to this idea that we should draw a blood line around our home. So many of you have responded saying how that so powerfully spoke to you. For sure, God was present as some people weeping gave their lives to Jesus in the morning services-and many kids asked Jesus into their hearts last week.
We continue this week in the same series but talking of God’s big plan.
At the first Christmas the angel proclaimed that Jesus would be called Emmanuel-meaning God with us. Well guess what? That is no longer the big news, it’s no longer God with us – but because of the cross it’s now GOD IN US.

The cross was not an end, but a beginning. 
The cross was a door that unlocks awesome and significant power and presence into our lives.

For 40 days after his resurrection Jesus taught his disciples, and in all that teaching didn’t once say, look back, stay back or go back, but said go on and into the promise coming.

Don’t miss the word on Sunday as we unpack these exciting and amazing truths.

If you want to listen to the preached live version of last Sunday’s message The blood line, then click here.

We have also been delighted to welcome Matt & Victoria Latta as they have arrived to both pick up the next gen ministry (kid and youth) but also to spear ahead a new season in our communications.
They have hit the ground running and already everything is moving up a gear.

Very exciting things coming for our kids and youth.
We think that this will be the best kids/youth church anywhere – so start inviting all those families that you know.
Also, a big well done to Lou Walls and Nicole Owen as they hosted a mums and tots outreach day during this past ‘Mother’s Day’ week, so many mums came from the community, and significant friendships were made.
Tomorrow, we continue the Destiny College series with the master’s class in ministry.

This is open to all who are hungry for more, and we have been delighted to see so many pastors, leaders, new up and comers sign up for this programme.  It’s available in person at the city location or on zoom. Well over a hundred from all over Europe and the world are learning together.
If you want to know more click below:

Destiny College Master’s Class

It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming, who are you going to bring with you to church?

Love you guys, 
Andrew & Sue