eNews || 25 May

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

When you’ve faced a set back, get ready for a come back!

This morning much of the world was mourning the passing of Tina Turner – the queen of rock and roll. Many of us enjoyed her passion, her energy, and her songs. Tunes from ‘Simply The Best’ to ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ found a resonance in the human heart. Tina Turner enjoyed remarkable success when all the odds were stacked against her. She was abused both by her father and her first husband, her son committed suicide and her other son died of cancer. At the age of 40, they told her she would never break into the world of Rock & Roll – but break through she did!

She then nearly died of cancer and kidney failure and managed to come back yet again!

There is no life that’s worth living that gets through without trials, challenge, obstacles and difficulties.

We read: ‘Consider it all joy, my brethren when you encounter various trials’ in James 1:2. James, brother of Jesus, then explains that it’s these very trials that strengthens faith, produce endurance, and in the end make us complete. Lacking nothing!

I’ve learned that there are at least three keys to get you through trials and out the other side:

  1. Walk humbly before God.

James also promised that God gives grace to humble people. ( Grace means favour). Humility simply means we are constantly acknowledging our need of God, the possibility and the potential that we could be wrong and therefore became very easy to correct and adjust. Humility is the exact opposite of pride- sad that the there is a whole month given over to ‘pride’ in our annual calendar when pride is the very thing God hates.

  1. Don’t try to justify yourself.

Job was assailed by his friend’s in his trials with the accusations that it was all his fault. He must have done something wrong- they argued. We all know the back story- Satan was at work accusing, don’t give him an inch in your life. Don’t give room to slander- gossip- backbiting or bitterness

3. Never for one second doubt that God has left you.

He never has and he never will.

When you face a set back, get ready for that comeback!

We’ve got a great weekend coming up…

Master’s Class In Ministry

This Saturday we welcome the next exciting instalment this course. Whilst this course is now closed to new entries, the next season is open for applicants. AND, Breaking News: Next Semester we’ll be running a Master’s Class for KIDS!

One In Worship

Sunday Morning in Glasgow Southside 11AM

We are delighted to have guest speaker Join Glass! Don’t miss it and invite someone to come with you. Also, this service will be live-streamed. If you can’t make it in-person, join us online.

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Andrew & Sue Owen