eNews || 28 April

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

In Step With The Spirit

We continue with our brand new series this week HELP ME! Secrets of the Spirit-Led Life

This week we look at The Spirit-Led Temperament

Most people travel through their entire lives without ever understanding themselves or those to whom they are married, their families, or those with whom they do life in the church. Consequently, they are often overtaken by in-built self-destruct buttons Our temperament is given to us by our parents and grandparent, it would dictate our relationship, our responses, and our reactions. Outside of Christ, we are fallen, and that temperament can easily trigger breakdowns and disappointments in so many areas. That temperament is either controlled by our flesh, stirred up by Satan, or harnessed by the Spirit of God.

Who’s pulling your strings? Who’s pressing your buttons?

We will take a look at the ‘fruit of the Spirit’, where we will see that these are not given to make us ‘nice’, but radically different to everything around us. This message might just save your marriage, help you find peace, or come into the joy God always intended

Why not bring someone with you to church this week?


  1. We will be fasting and praying together as a church family this coming 1st thru 3rd of May. Watch for the daily prayer videos that will help you pray with us each day. If you have never fasted before – I encourage you to give it a try. Get started by fasting something you like, or just miss a meal. If you can’t fast these days, then choose the days that work for you nearby this time.
  2. May is MISSIONS MONTH. Once again we are giving opportunity for people to give to missions home and away. We are continuing to support India churches and orphanage, planting new churches in places like Timisoara Romania, Adopt-A-Child in several places in the world, JAGO in Africa, and local initiatives like the Glasgow Community Grocery. We will be giving an opportunity to give at the end of each meeting. Please give as the Holy Spirit directs you!

I’m currently in Portugal to speak at a Leader’s Conference but will be back in Scotland late Saturday night just in time for Sunday church. Please pray for me as I pray for you!

Love you guys,

Andrew Owen

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church