eNews || 29 March

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

40 Days – I’m sure that you are aware that numbers have a huge significance in scripture.

For example, 1 is the number of the one true God, two is the number of witness and agreement, six is the number of men etc, but 40 is the number for a seismic shift. It often speaks of judgment (40 days Noah was in the Ark) and it speaks also of a generational shift. God worked with Moses in 40yr spans, at 40 he fled into Midian, at 80 God called him to lead Israel out of Egypt, and at 120 he brought Israel to the borders of the promised land.

We have set 40 days of prayer and fasting aside corporately this year as a church because we also want a seismic shift.

We want a shift in powerful God encounters amongst us, we want a shift in the numbers of people we reach, we want a shift in our ability to function as a united body, we want a shift in our incoming provision and buildings, and our outgoing missions sowing and reach. We want a shift of culture with our kids and youth, and we want a shift in our nation and the appalling grooming of our kids through the education system.

The next part of that journey is THIS WEEK!

The 1st-3rd of April is the next part of our three days fast and we are all calling on God together-this time with ENCOUNTER in the middle on Sunday night.

2 BIG things to say-


FAST with us! If you see yourself as part of the Destiny Family and on this journey with us, set these times aside to fast (do without food) and take that ‘eat and prep’ time to pray some more.

If you have never fasted before, make a start perhaps by fasting one day-if you are now seasoned in this then let’s press in together.


Come and pray with us! This time we have set prayer ‘power hours’ aside to gather together. Please come in person in…

7:30 am Saturday 1st April – City Location
6 pm Sunday  2nd April – Encounter South Side location
7 pm Monday night 3rd April – South Side Location

9 am – Saturday 2nd April – Online

7 pm Saturday 1st April – Online 
10 am Sunday 2nd April – In Person – Gorgie Location
7 pm Monday 3rd April – Online 

7 pm Saturday 1st April – Online 
4 pm Sunday 2nd April – Online
7 pm Monday 3rd April – Online

7 pm Saturday 1st April – Online
7 pm Monday 3rd April – Online

9:30 am Sunday 2nd April – Online

For more information and login details for all the online Power Hours please email my PA Niel – niel.deepnarain@destiny-church.com or respond to this email.

Can’t wait to see what God is going to do!
We are leaving March at one level and by God’s grace entering April in another.

Love you guys,
Andrew Owen