eNews | Thursday 29th September

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

Jesus said watch and pray

There has never been a day when that statement has been so important as today. Our world is in upheaval , the devil is on the prowl but the great news is that God is on the move.

There are THREE very important things we need to tell you in this message.

1. The Times article
It’s very likely that you will not have seen this article I make reference to, or come across it. The Times has a very low readership in Scotland and its circulation continues to plummet. Nevertheless there are those of malicious intent who are doing all that they can to circulate their recent article on social media. Usually our response is to say nothing at these moments, and refuse to give any oxygen to the publicity they seek. However, on this occasion it is now hurting many of the people that we care so much about, our recipients of aid and help and even the students at Destiny College. If you haven’t read the article – please don’t bother going looking for it but please find below a statement from ALL of the boards here. The statement is clear and self explanatory. Feel free to circulate it to others.

We have received many messages of support, including from non- Christians who wish to help us with the ongoing harassment from the activist reporter Marc Horne.

2. Prayer and fasting
This is the next point in our prayer and fasting journey this year. We are all fasting for 3 days over the weekend. Please join us- it is so important.Remember that our running verse for the year is ‘not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord’ .We need God like never before, so many in the world mock His power and ridicule His love, but we highly esteem both and desperately need him.

TWO messages will be coming out each day over the next three days, Morning and evening. Please connect, praying with us and believing God

3. Encounter 

Sunday night we have ENCOUNTER. An important time of being in the presence of God. Please do join us if you can.

Regardless of this world’s crises God is in control, He loves each and every one of you passionately and made big promises that you can rely on.

Be at peace, stay in faith and keep strong in fellowship.
See you over the weekend.

We love you all greatly,
Andrew & Sue