eNews | Friday 3rd February

Dear eNews Friends & Family,

Psalm 126: 1-2 

We have just completed our 3 Days of Prayer and Fasting and a big well done to everyone who stepped up into this moment.
Great things are coming, and they are coming your way.

Last week in Dallas I was given a very encouraging prophetic word from a pastor at a large church:

these he prophesied, were days of double restoration. 

Restoration was one of those huge themes that begins way back in the Old Testament. There were no prisons in those days, so when a thief was caught in his act of theft he was compelled to make restitution. He had to give back but not only what he stole but far more besides, that’s restoration. So I can only begin to imagine what Double restoration looks like.

This opening Psalm, unlike most of the other Psalms was not written by David, but it’s thought was written by Ezra as he led a returning minority exile group to Jerusalem and then proceeded to rebuild the Temple.

They sang these songs of ascent as they came up to meet with God and it describes their euphoric feelings of coming out of captivity, back to their city and on into the house of God. So great was the breakthrough that even the nations said ‘God has done spectacular things for them’.
Great things are on their way…..
This weekend is hugely important for us

One in Worship, Sunday 5th Feb, Destiny (Glasgow) Southside, 11am
We are delighted and honoured to have with us Sir Brian Souter speaking and sharing the word. Brian is a billionaire philanthropist who loves God passionately and is determined to make a difference in this worl. You WILL be inspired as you listen but perhaps more importantly bring your friends, they will love it.

If you are part of our Glasgow City Location, there is a bus ready to make sure you can attend. This will have 2 trips – 9am for those serving and 10am for those attending. 

Sign up below:

Transport From Destiny City Location

Encounter, Sunday 5th Feb, Destiny (Glasgow) Southside, 6pm

This is the very first encounter of the year, but not only that but we are setting in elders, 12 people in all.

These precious people have accepted the responsibility to oversee our ‘Together as One’ church in Scotland. Whilst having specific roles and responsibilities in given areas, will function as a group or a team, (known biblically as a ‘presbytery’) and will give spiritual oversight, care and protection to the church going forwards into this next season.

They will make public declaration, we the people will respond, and hands will be laid on them.

Please do not miss it – come support – come pray – come celebrate.

We love you guys-look forward to seeing you there