eNews | Friday 6th Jan ‘23

Dear eNews Friends & Family,



We are already on our way into 2023 and anything is possible in the year ahead. We start a new series this week to kick off the New Year:


Part 1 of the series is titled:

Recovering Your Edge

Where there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present.

Life has a habit of blunting your:

spiritual edge.

Passion, joy and expectation are all too quickly replaced with heaviness, lethargy and indifference.


As discouragement, delay or setbacks take their toll.

We can be buried under the darkness of depression, the fog of anxiety and the graveyard of negativity before we know it . All hope in the future is lost, especially in this very challenging time the world finds itself in.


Soon, relationships suffer and the most important one of all – our walk with God takes the second row, and marriage and family soon follow.


You as an individual and we as the church need to recover our edge. Where we see afresh the powerful works of God both in our own lives and the mission at hand.

Our running verse for this year (at least the first part of the year) is…..

God wants to lead us ALWAYS into victory

I’ve got good news, hell is not in Control of your life, JESUS is


But YOU need to recover your edge


We will hear and discover the importance of ‘Godly’ boundaries, but we are also pressing into the best edge sharpener of all FASTING!

Jesus said, ‘when you fast’, not if you fast. So, no one can say ‘it’s not my thing’

We are calling all the church to 7 days of prayer and fasting from Monday 9th Jan

It’s imperative that we press into this together

Jentezen Franklin reminds us that

But it’s a choice that God loves, in that we press into Him in humility. Building on last year’s running verse – it’s not our strength, it’s His.


Fasting will accomplish many significant things in your life. All the great Heroes of the Bible fasted including Jesus, the Son of God. If He needed to fast, so do we.

Not forgetting that fasting without prayer is simply a diet.

Start where you can with fasting but make a firm decision before you start about when you start and when you will stop. Make a firm resolve.

A day, a week, or weeks if you wish.

Click the image below for a full list of ways you can connect with others in prayer each day:

So come in person, or join in online, for all the prayer moments happening in each location this coming week

I promise you, we will enter at one level but leave at another


See you on the weekend.

Love you guys,

Andrew & Sue