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Fight or Flight?

As we continue our new series ‘Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves’, we will this week look at ‘Fight or Flight?’
Often we as Christians facing the conflicting challenges of society around us are unsure or uncertain as to when we should speak up, or shut up? If we should fight for something or flee from it? Should we engage with the world or come out of the world? Should we step up or step back?

The Bible itself tells us at times that we should flee from some things and yet at other times it tells us to fight with all our might.

This week we are speaking on one of the BIG ‘flee from’ found in scripture. We will look at flee from sexual immorality.

Our news streams are filled with sexual misconduct reports, we have priests and pastors, police and politicians caught up in scandals. The #metoo movement has gathered thousands of comments. A UN 2019 report tells of a massive rise in human trafficking with sexual exploitation being the biggest driver. This issue looks like a larger pandemic than Covid-19.
As with all of these things it eventually comes down to the individual, me and you.
This is not a subject we visit often, and with the limited time afforded to us, we will take a ‘one-off’ look at God’s directive to His people and just how we can work that out.

I am mindful that someone watching or listening, maybe even you are a victim to such things right now. Other’s might have emotional scars from past trauma, and yet others might be carrying immense guilt for causing such pain to others.
Remarkably the Gospel of Jesus Christ has an answer for all.
You won’t want to miss this message.

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