eNews | Sat 21st Aug ’21

Dear e-News friends & church members,

A long time ago a very powerful ruler asked his advisers and generals this question:

Can we find a man like this, in whom is the divine spirit of God?
– Genesis 41:38 (AMP)

The ruler was none other than the mighty pharaoh, and he was raising this question about Joseph, whom he had just brought out of prison after many years in captivity.
Joseph has just explained Pharaoh’s dream and gone further in advising him how to run the country for the next 14 years, in so doing he went from the prison to the palace and became a mighty leader in the nation.

If that same question was asked today, “can we find a man like this, in whom is the divine spirit of God,?” we should be able to reply, ‘yes- there are millions of them’. Since we Spirit filled Christians would qualify.
This of course includes you and me.

In our new series forgotten treasure, we are looking this weekend at a subject that you may not have ever heard anything about- or at least for a long time, the remarkable truth of us being a royal priesthood as mentioned in 1 Peter 2:9.

Since we don’t often understand the role of the priest we can miss out on our vital position.
Every man and woman, boy and girl that is a Christian, is a priest, and you might be the only real priest in your family, street, or community.
The priest knew how to mediate God’s presence, power and forgiveness to a community. They knew how to connect heaven with earth, they knew how to bring the heavenly into the earthly everyday life. They knew how to connect with God.
You know far more than you think, and you are one in whom is the divine spirit of God. You also know how to connect with God.

Sue became a Christian at 15yrs of age with no other Christian in her family, she was the only one. Her family had no church connection, no Christian history.
At 15 she began to function as a priest (not knowing it was called that then) and soon her mum came to know Jesus. Shortly after her dad, next was her brother and this was followed by aunties and cousins.
Her mum and dad had a big house in which a new church then started. That church grew to almost 1,000 people in five years.

You won’t want to miss this message at the weekend. Come and discover your place, opportunity and potential this Sunday.

Then at our evening and breaking of bread service, Sue will be sharing ‘the power of a friend”.
Looking forward to seeing you in person or online.


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