Battle Winners – Your day has arrived!

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members,

Battle Winners – Your day has arrived!

You won’t want to miss any of this weekend!
Diamonds – the amazing women’s conference is here, this Saturday at Destiny Edinburgh’s Gorgie location.

Here’s a message from Sue:

Hey there’s one day to go to our pivotal and essential apostolic women’s conference. Diamonds 2019 in Gorgie, Edinburgh is ready and waiting for you; and there are a few seats left! Never before have we needed so much unity, never before have we needed such a focus and never before have the younger generation needed us to be so bold.
This season is exciting and special, it is a critical time for you, your circle and your future.  As society turns away from the teachings of Jesus, we need more of His help, wisdom and presence. Please hold one another up in prayer and ask God to strengthen you. Cover your world with the grace of God and be alert! Pray in tongues – we anticipate a full house, an anointed message and a deep engagement with the Holy Spirit. We are hungry for God’s intervention in our hearts – I can’t wait to see you!
Safe travels – Sue


Still to register? Book your place today!


We are delighted to welcome Daniel and Deborah Cheah all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be keynote speakers this weekend. They lead a large apostolic network of churches and are senior pastors at one of Malaysia’s largest churches, His Sanctuary of Glory.
Deborah has a significant word for the women tomorrow, and Daniel is our special guest at Destiny United/1st Sunday on Sunday night at our Glasgow Southside location. He will continue in our important theme ‘The Legacy of Your Life’. Daniel will also be speaking at Destiny Edinburgh on Sunday morning in Gorgie.
They are more than guest speakers, in that they are one of our loved apostolic elders, so this really is a significant time.

So, church this really is an all on board event. Please support our cause, our vision, our Church family and be blessed whilst so doing. AND there’s still time to invite and bring others.

Look forward to seeing you,