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Dear e-News family,

Light of the World painting by William Holby Hunter

This painting brings back powerful memories for me.

A copy of it used to hang in the vestry of the Methodist Sunday school I went to as a kid. I often found myself staring at it in the more boring moments of a lesson.

I would wonder who was on the other side of that door? And why would they not let Jesus in?

The painting is of course based on the famous Revelation 3:20 verse:

“Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and stop with him and he with me”

I did then respond in a gospel alter call in a children’s service when the lady evangelist used the same painting to say that it was me on the inside, and it was me keeping Jesus out.
But the truth is, Jesus was knocking on the church door, and the church wouldn’t let him in.

We continue again this Sunday in the theme ‘The Church Jesus Wants’ and reflect on the remarkable truth that Jesus wants to eat and do life with us.

We are eager I’m sure to be the church that throws wide the door to let Jesus in and be the head of this house. We want to make sure that we are not inadvertently locking him out.

Join us this Sunday online or in-person:



Last Sunday we loaded this lorry with 9,000 shoeboxes full of gifts and toys and watched it set off for Bosnia.

A big well done to Barry and the team and all who gave and volunteered to make it happen.

Next up we have the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ hamper distribution. Let’s find a need and meet it and bless our community with a free hamper this Christmas. Register here:

Love Christmas Hamper

Then don’t forget all the opportunities we have to invite and bring our friends this Christmas time.

Schedule here:

Christmas At Destiny

Happy Christmas.

We love you guys,

Andrew & Sue