eNews | Day 1 | Prayer & Fasting Feb’21

Dear e-News friends and church members,

Day 1 of Prayer & Fasting

“If you cannot go to the house of the Lord, go to the Lord of the house.”
– C.H.Spurgeon 

I’m not sure if Charles Spurgeon ever experienced a lockdown – but it looks like he had already found the answer in this quote.

This is Day 1 of our 7 days of Prayer & Fasting.
Everything can change this week. We are never the same after such a moment. This is the week for breakthroughs, this is the week for MORE.
More of God, more of His Grace, more souls saved, more nations opening and more fruit in our lives.

The one area where it’s less this week is food. The hunger in our hearts is greater than the hunger in our stomachs, so we are fasting. We are asking everyone to participate to the maximum point that they can. Miss a meal, miss a day of meals, or miss a week.

Together we will be pressing in on God.

There are three things to focus on today:

  1. Hunger for God himself. Let’s ask God to speak to us personally this week, fill us full and fresh with the Holy Spirit. Get ready to write down and record words that He will give you.
  2. Dedicate yourself, your area of ministry or responsibility, and your place of work back to God. Pray Jabez’s prayer over it all. ‘Extend my borders.’
  3. Pray for the church that we will all rise up and fulfil the mission and mandate He has given us.

“When God intended great blessings for his people the first thing he does is set them a praying.”

– Matthew Henry

Enjoy the journey this week – see it as a great adventure!

We love you guys,



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