eNews | Fri 12th Feb ’21

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Can God Trust You With Success?

‘I know how to abound’
(Philippians 4:12)

The Apostle Paul

Before there is a breakthrough to a new season, there is usually a test. God does not want to test you to breaking point but making point.
Handling success is tested.
More Christians fail at the test of success than the test of suffering.
When we suffer or are in pain, or those we love are in pain, we pray, we get in the word, we seek out fellowship, we call on the church, we want all the pastoral support that is possible to get.
But when we succeed, which may mean the healing comes, or the business crises passes or perhaps we are now in that new house or new job – what then?

We all know people who have failed the test of success. One minute they’re there and the next they’ve gone.
Most times such successes are limited, they don’t get much further. God won’t help you for a start, if the success takes you away from your purpose. Usually it becomes a case of ‘let’s circle back,’ and the process repeats, pain-gain-drain.

We well know how it goes – we have a problem, we seek God and the help of christian friends, we get a breakthrough, praise God!
But then, mostly unintentionally, we lose sight of our God walk, and before we know it we lose what we won.

Press repeat.
An entire life can go by just like that.

The good news is that God in all His grace will be there for the second chance, the third chance… as many times as it takes until you pass the test or run out of life.
But God truly does want us to succeed, but not lose Him or true life in the process. To move on, in and upward.

Maybe we can handle the pain, but what about the gain?

I’ve seen too many people these last few years pass through the fire of affliction, only to fail at the fountain of blessing. Paul knew how to abound, the Greek word found here for ‘abound’ means: superabundant, the over and above life. It’s perhaps the closest New Testament word for ‘thrive-ability.’
We have to learn how to handle success. We see that in every-day life. More than 90% of people who win the lottery lose it within 5 years. Sudden success is mostly a disaster.

God wants to trust you with more. More resource, more influence and more time in life. If He adds ten years to your life span, when they told you would be dead in ten weeks – how will you use it? To improve your golf handicap or make a difference in the lives of others?
The biggest mistake you could make is say “I’m just going to take it easy.”
If God takes you out of debt and puts surplus in your account, where will it go? More stuff that needs more of your time or more investment into things that will last for ever?
There are warning signs of impending failure and there are reliable sign-posts for ongoing success.

Don’t miss the message this Sunday as we unpack ‘Can God Trust You With Success?’
We are destined to thrive and not just survive, we need to be ready for it.

Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends and family, and Happy Valentine’s to those in love.

Stay safe, stay blessed,