eNews | Fri 5th Feb ’21

Dear e-News friends and church members,

Mega Power Mega Grace

“And with GREAT power the apostles were giving witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and GREAT grace was upon them all.”  – Acts 4:33

The Greek word for ‘great’ in this text is ‘megas’, from which of course we get the word ‘mega’. So, the Bible is telling us of mega power and mega grace.

This verse sums up a remarkable story in this chapter of Acts.

We are told that it was a difficult time. The apostles and the church were being threatened, told to stop their preaching and activities, but instead, they do more.

Isn’t that an ongoing lesson for us today? In the middle of our present challenges we won’t stop, we won’t do less, but look to God to do more than ever.

I love the principle point the verse makes, mega grace was on them ALL.

And if you read the story you will find that there wasn’t one needy person amongst them.

Why was that? Was it a small group of well-off people?

Absolutely not! On day one of this new church, more than 3,000 were added. By this point, there were thousands in this church. And we know from reading elsewhere that they were a very diverse community. Slaves and servants, masters and owners, the pious and the irreligious, all coming to know Jesus.

So why was there such an impressive result? Why was there both mega power at work and mega grace so apparent? And why was mega supply the fruit on the ground?

We need to note three things that are pertinent for us.

1. They prayed for it.
Early in the chapter, we read of a prayer meeting that resulted in an earth tremor, the building shook. They prayed for boldness. Not Power. They had all the power they needed in the person of the Holy Spirit. But this prayer for boldness resulted in mega power being manifested. Their boldness released the power.

2. They were specific in their praying.
We read that they asked God for signs and wonders, not just healings. We have seen so many healings in the last year, wonderful healings, miraculous healings. Every single week many people from across the country write in requesting prayer. The praying4u team pray and healings happen.

But when was the last time we asked God for signs and wonders?

This word ‘sign’ means ‘token’ or ‘miracle’, and this word ‘wonders’ means ‘omen’ or ‘prodigy’, or an unusual, out of the ordinary event.

We have had many such events, we even call our city building our ‘miracle building’ because that’s what happened in its acquisition-a series of miracles.

But God is stirring the pot called Destiny church, can you feel it? A warm unsettling with increasing expectations and the wonderful sense that we haven’t seen anything yet in comparison with that which God wants to do. We need to raise the prayer expectations bar, let’s ask God, just as they did for signs and wonders.

3. They released resources.
We read that those who owned assets cashed them in and brought the money laying it at the apostle’s feet.

No special offering, no designated giving day, they just gave and in giving released and relinquished control over their giving. They left that responsibility to the apostles.

What did the apostles do with these growing funds? Did they buy a building? No, did they start a special missionary project? No. They distributed it to all those who had need.

The needs included both essential provisions, (they had a huge feeding programme going on particularly for the widows and elderly), and necessary ministry requirements as all got involved with the work of the ministry.

This was one vast spiritual combined harvester, a mighty church filled with ordinary people like you and me joined in fellowship, united in purpose and passionate in love.

Please feel free to pray, feel free to pray big, and feel free to give and bring. There are ever-increasing opportunities in that there is an ever-increasing need. Both near and far.

We need to staff up our mercy ministries and feeding programmes here and we need to double our giving into India as they have been hit so hard with Covid.

We are ready to open the new orphanage, we have already fed and clothed many widows over the last few weeks, we have already distributed 80,000 gospels. There also we need to staff up in our care for the poor.

You can find my ‘feet’ at this email address, pa@destiny-church.com and we are ready to distribute all and everything that God gives.

What was true for the church at large was true for every family within it, and this Sunday I get specific with ‘Thriving (Not Surviving)’ as we talk on ‘Happier Families’, getting the strife out of your family life. Can’t wait to share. Then, another great word Sunday night and our all-important Breaking of bread moment.



See you at church – bring someone with you.

We love you guys,