eNews | Sat 4th Jan ’20

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a new decade!
We were so blessed to see so many people, many of them first time visitors with us at Hogmanay to see in the New Year.
We closed the last year with praise and thanksgiving to our awesome faithful God, and opened the new with:

We are very passionate about communion believing it is such a personal gift and a privileged invitation from Jesus himself. It is our point of contact with the power of God and the covenant He has made with us.

This year is hugely significant for the UK as we leave the EU at the end of this month. Big changes are coming and we think big opportunities for the church in the nation.

Join me tomorrow night in person or via live-stream as I map out our next steps under the heading PRO-vision.
God is both for vision and is our provision in it.

We will be telling of many significant changes we hope to make this year, and our word based convictions for the year. This will include the exciting new teaching series we will be introducing in the weeks ahead.
I’m finding people more open than ever, so invite folks to come with you to church, look for those divine appointments, and chance encounters as well as fresh conversations with your loved ones.
We saw over 1400 first time decisions in 2019, and we are reaching for 10,000 across our Destiny Family this year.
God is already loving and reaching many people and He intends for us to be their point of contact.
Have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

We love you guys,
Andrew & Sue

Our 2020 Confession

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