eNews | Fri 2nd July ’21

Dear e-News friends & church members,

Be Careful
This week we thank God for another beautiful addition to the Owen family as we welcomed a lovely baby boy (as yet unnamed) into this world. Both mum (Nicole) and baby are doing well.
As we have been joyfully fulfilling our grandparents’ duty by looking after their other 2 boys, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said ‘be careful’ as they clamber and climb over anything that looks remotely interesting or poses a challenge.But these words were of course spoken by God to Joshua in Joshua 1:7-8, as he prepared for the biggest assignment of his life.
They needed to be said because often in the heat of battle the basic principles and guidelines of the Christian life can be so easily forgotten. Once that happens, mistakes and dire consequences soon follow. These mistakes can then be so hard to rectify, and worse still can go on to impact both you and your kids and your wider family for a long time to come.We have already pointed out the fierce battle that we are in this present moment, and that our opponents are not people, but dark spirits of ill intent and vowed enemies of God, His church and the gospel. 

So, let’s all of us also chose to walk carefully.

  • Don’t move away from building on the principles of God’s word.
  • Don’t make a move out from a place where God planted you without a word from God to take you into the new setting. Both sentiment and emotion are very poor and very fickle traveling companions in life.
  • Do hold onto the promises of God and believe that if He meant them for one, then He meant them for all, including you.
  • Let’s be hungry for the precious Holy Spirit, we are encouraged to be filled and filled again. The drought of the last year has left a thirst in many a soul, only God can quench such a thirst. Others are in a famine of spirit, so come this weekend ready to have a feast in the Word as we dig deeper into these thoughts.
Please do pray for the Destiny College commissioning that takes place Saturday night, online and in-person.

This is always such a powerful moment, and I for one can’t wait to hear their rendition of Romans 8.

There is a great weekend coming up, with online and in-person services AND with live preaching.

We love you guys, 

Andrew & Sue