eNews | Fri 26th Mar ’21

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Keep On Keeping On!

Sunday, we come to the final part of Thriving (not surviving) and we will be considering endurance, the power just to keep going. Sometimes we win by simply outlasting the devil!

I’m told that one of the greatest boxing matches of the twentieth century took place between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran at the Superdome in New Orleans in November 1980.
This was a rematch with Duran being the favourite having already beaten Leonard the last time they met.  In fact,  Duran had won all of his last 41 fights.
The fight itself was a close call, with only a point or two between them, but in the eighth round a strange thing happened, Duran put down his arms and turned to the referee and said ‘No mas, No more’, and quit, he gave up right there right then, allowing his opponent to win. Today when any boxing fans hear the name Roberto Duran, they simply remember no mas!

We so often thrive by enduring, but spiritual endurance is far more than gritting your teeth and pushing through. God gives us the vital components so that we can endure.
We will learn what these components are and then if we are wise build them into our daily walk and lives. I am so glad that God never gives up on me.
You cost God too much for Him to forget about you!  
The love behind you and the power within you is greater than the task ahead of you.

We also have special guests with us for the Breaking of Bread service, Alistair and Barbara Matheson, a wonderful couple with a powerful testimony. They lead Glasgow City Church and Alistair oversees the Scottish Apostolic Churches.

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DON’T FORGET – the clocks change this weekend, more light but less time in bed, they spring forward.

Look forward to seeing you, please reach out and bring someone with you.

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