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Give Me Also Springs Of Water…

I love the stories so often found buried deep inside our Old Testament narratives. As we journey through the book of Joshua, we come across long lists of place names as the Promised Land is divided up into inheritance lots for the children of Israel.
Then the lists are interrupted by a family moment.
Caleb, that mighty man of faith seems to have a daughter equally spirited. She is offered as a prized wife to anyone who can conquer a mountainous region. Onto the stage comes Othniel and bravely complied. Territory captured, the marriage takes place.
Achsah (Caleb’s daughter) makes a cunning double request. First, she gets her new husband to get a field from her father Caleb as a wedding present. But doesn’t stop there, she further asks her father for springs of water (Joshua 15:19). What good is land unless it’s watered, when living in dry conditions?
We then read that Caleb gave her both the upper and lower life-giving springs.
The narrative then continues with a long list of place names.
Why does the content take a diversion just to tell us that? Why did the Holy Spirit think it is important enough to make a detour to Othniel and Achsah’s door?

I think God would have us see at least three things:

  • Faith always reaches, faith always asks – Caleb held onto his faith for a mountain for 40 years. Being only one of two who believed God but eventually came into his inheritance. The promise God made you is coming too! Don’t give up now. Caleb was blessed so he could now bless in turn.
  • Like father, like daughter. Faith people beget faith people – In these challenging times let’s train our kids and young people to be faith-filled, mountain-taking, big prayers praying believers. Her father gave her more than what she asked for – our Father God is just like that. No matter how big the prayers God always does more.
  • Faith-filled people tend to become faithful followers – Many years later, after Joshua’s death, Israel was captured by the king of Mesopotamia and enslaved. The Israelites cried out to God, and guess what? Othniel (along with Achsah) is raised up as their mighty deliverer. He becomes the very first of the judges to bring freedom. He is followed by Gideon, Samson, and others. Israel had a long 40 years of peace under his reign.

When you use our faith in daily prayer-filled requests, your faith will grow, and grow, and grow. One of these days God may well use you to be that deliverer in the life of another. Faith doesn’t only get you springs of water, it can get you a place in history, I wonder what God’s got prepared for you in this next season of uncharted waters.

Love you guys.

See you at the weekend,


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