eNews | Day 4 of Prayer & Fasting | Thurs 6th May ’21

Dear e-News friends & church members,

Day 4 Prayer & Fasting

Dear e-News friends and church members,


Well done for praying and fasting with us. These are amazing times.

Together as one is so important for us as Christians.

  • Together in Christ
  • Together in the upper room
  • Together in fellowship
  • Together in giving
  • Together in persecution
  • Together in celebration
  • Together in unity
  • Together in the journey
  • Together in purpose

Together means us relying on Christ together for His kingdom on earth.

Covering one another (together in the journey), meaning my weakness is carried by your strength, this is what Christ does for us, it is a covenant.

It means you get to be fully you in this together and I get to be fully me. We get to be more together, than we could apart, as we submit to one another in the grace of God. 

This submission brings unity but in today’s world submission is not liked or celebrated. Submission is key for kingdom advance. 

The sub-mission is literally the mission under and for, the main mission. As if an army commander was talking to his troops, they do the will of their sovereign  and we do the will of our sovereign, Christ.

Unity brings so many blessings like:

  • Taking ground 
  • Fast advance
  • Fewer miscommunications
  • Not doubling up on work
  • Releasing all you have

That is just the practical blessings.

God says – where He sees kingdom in unity, He will command a blessing – i.e GOD GETS INVOLVED 

God wants to be involved with you and I in unity together as we move as one.

As we pray together this week we make a choice to act in unity for these things, confident that God is with us and His ability to answer when we ask.


Bless you, 







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