eNews | Fri 19th Nov ’21

Dear e-News friends & church family, 

Life-giving routines

This week my aunt celebrated her 100th birthday, she was so delighted to get a birthday card from the Queen.

On asking her the secret of long life she told of her daily and weekly routines.

She lives on her own and has a plan for each day, which includes cleaning certain rooms, preparing particular meals, and a day for writing letters (remember them?).

Life-giving routines help us all.
For years we had a strong pattern as a church where we would set a month aside for prayer and fasting. After two years of chaos, we are putting back in place these important things, and consequently, we are calling us all this month to a month of prayer and fasting.
Please, please fast and pray with us.

Fasting means going without food (sometimes also water for a shorter time) We give this extra time created from not eating and food preparation to seeking God and praying into our church and situation.
Fasting always changes things, fasting always causes breakthroughs.
Fasting changes us.

If you have never fasted before start with a day, or miss a meal each day.
Medically fasting is proven to be very good for you. (unless you have a medical condition where you may need to take medical advice first).

Some of us have started a 21 day fast, but this month we are setting the week aside to fast:

There will be a fresh e-News each day waiting for you in the morning to guide your daily praying and a word of encouragement.

Then we have some power hours as below:

Women Only Prayer Night | 21st Nov

Men Only Prayer Night | 28th Nov

We are fasting and praying for 3 things as a people:

  1. That God would help us clean and sanctify our hearts from anything that should not be there. This we apply personally and as a church family. We don’t want to carry things forward that either need to be resolved, repentance, or completely removed.
    We really truly do want Jesus to be glorified in our lives. 
  2. That the very dark works of Satan are brought to an end. There have been lots of personal challenges with individuals and several significant challenges for us as a church.
    Jesus is Lord and we want him directly intervening and bringing the darkness to an end.
  3. For a breakthrough to the next season. A new chapter is about to open it will require our faith, but God’s almighty power to make it happen.
    We have a wonderful history of miracles and gracious God moments, and so many mighty provision stories.

We will enter at one level but leave at another.

As we do this, God will unite us, encourage us and transform us, into all that he has in mind for Jesus’s sake.

We love you and praying for you,

Andrew & Sue