eNews | Prayer & Fasting Day 4 | 25th Nov 21′

Dear Church Family, 

Can Iron float?

At first glance we would of course say no to this question, iron sinks in water.

But there is a story told in 2 Kings 6

The borrowed axe is restored to the borrower through a miracle, and the iron floats, but we can also reflect and see that iron can float when it’s shaped as a ship. Huge ocean-going ships weigh thousands of tons. The shape makes all the difference.

We are changing shape through this week of prayer and fasting, and consequently we can rise above the challenges of our moment.

The story above speaks about a ‘borrowed’ axe, and sometimes we have lived on borrowed faith – somebody else’s story or testimony. But God wants you to have your own faith and your own story. But oftentimes we have to change shape for that to happen.

Elisha threw a piece of wood into the water and the axe floated.
I see that piece of wood like the cross Jesus requires us to place in our lives.

Pick up your cross daily Jesus told us.

The cross touches our lives when we are willing to die to things that shouldn’t be there, or attitudes or thinking that hold us back.
Only then can we walk in newness of life

Pray today:

Have a great day using your faith to stay above the oceans of challenge,