eNews | Prayer & Fasting Day 5 | 26th Nov 21′

Dear Church Family, 

Sue here to bless you today, please be strengthened as you pray and fast!

It’s been wonderful to see you as we meet together to pray, worship and enjoy fellowship in this new season. Change is here, yet often we want to hang on to old patterns and places just because they’re familiar, and we feel that little bit safer with something we were used to! Maybe your team is changing shape or your growth group is adjusting.

Yes, we’re to stick together and we’re to move on with courage to new territory!

Here we’re encouraged from Scripture to embrace the new and see the future with expectation and excitement. What exactly were they told to forget in this Bible verse? Was it something bad, confusing, dangerous or difficult? No, they were told to forget one of the greatest miracles of all time! The Israelites had been saved by God as they escaped across the dry earth under the Red Sea, and then they watched their unsuspecting enemies being defeated, drowned and annihilated.

Presumption is not the order of the day, but a clear obedience to the instruction of God will bring its reward. Separating out by straggling behind or running ahead will not be a safe option, but together as we go forward we will see the most dramatic move of God the earth has seen. Can you hear it, can you taste it? The new is here and we believe His promise of a great and bright day has arrived as we forget the old and embrace the new!

Today please pray:


Bless you,