eNews | Prayer & Fasting Day 6 | 27th Nov 21′

Dear enews friends


You cannot reach for something that exceeds your grasp unless you imagine it first.
This is a powerful biblical principle. We read:

This principle is then demonstrated so many times for us:

  • Abraham was encouraged to look at the grains of sand on the dessert floor and the stars in the night sky
  • Jacob cut away at the bark of the poplar branch to see ever increasing flocks
  • ‘From every tribe, language and nation…’ says the book of Revelation
  • A myriad of prophecies is biblically recorded telling of world-wide harvests and multi-national, inter-racial increase.

Before God can bring anything to you, he must first birth it in you. You have to be able to see it.
And so, just like God asked Jeremiah, I’m asking you- What do you see? What do you see for yourself, your family, your church family and the great mission God has sent us on? What do you see?

Sometimes in difficult times we can only see the problem-the negative or the faulty. And having seen one fault, we soon find ourselves looking for another.

But God is a master at using imperfect people like you and me.
Can you see God using you in this next season?
What could God do through you? Or you and your growth group?

Today as we pray, let’s pray:

This Sunday Night in Glasgow we have an all-important Men’s power hour, please do all that you can to get there if you are local:

Have a brilliant Saturday, stay warm,