eNews | Prayer & Fasting Day 7 | 28th Nov 21′

Dear news family,

Traveling in great Company

This promise was, of course, made To Moses, who didn’t want to take a step without being assured God was with him.

As we conclude this week of fasting (and much longer for some), and we plan and prepare for the days ahead, we too want to know that most precious of presences-the Holy Spirit Himself.

This promise tells us that He will be coming with us into the next new season, and even though there may be challenges, change and new opportunities, He will give us rest in the middle of it all.
When He is with us, we leave behind the frantic anxiety and expect the peace of presence.

Of this promise, C.H. Spurgeon said,

“The Lord Himself will keep us company. His presence, which includes his favour, his fellowship, his care and his power shall ever be there. His presence will give us rest even when we are on the march.”
So, lets each of us expect the answers to the prayers we have prayed, the longing in our hearts for him satisfised, and the hopes of the vision he gave us fulfilled.
Inviting all men of every age to join us tonight at 5pm in our Glasgow City Location for the power hour, let’s conclude this week strongly, together and moving as one.
Thanks so much for participating with us all this week.
See you over the weekend.
God bless,