eNews | Fri 22nd Oct ’21

Dear e-News friends & church family, 

I saw this caption this week

As challenging as Storms are, and as unpleasant as they may be to endure, God always intends good for you and me.

Storms often clear a way.

When we have the opportunity for a holiday (and that seems like an age ago), I love reading adventure novels.
The last one I read told of a wild storm that caused a rock fall, and in so doing revealed a hidden cave in which was found a long-lost Viking boat. How did it get there? Who were the passengers and what did they bring with them? (It was a great read!!). Without the storm, the treasure would never have been discovered.

This weekend we are again speaking on ‘after the storm’.  Looking at the story of Jesus stilling the wind and the waves. We will see something that few people notice and I’m sure it will hugely bless you.
Last week we had salvation in every service, with 20 kids coming to Christ in the Glasgow City location.

This week we have Baptisms in every in-person service and we are expecting more souls saved.
Bring someone – get those invites out.Maybe you have yet to be baptised! Click the image above to sign up. 
God is moving and big things are stirring.

It’s been a big week in that we were able to film (for the first time ever) new content for our TBN Broadcasts right here at home without the need to travel to London.
Huge thanks to Johannes, Luke, Cipi, and the whole team.

Please be prayerful, be vigilant in spirit but also be full of faith for you and our church’s new unfolding season.

We are crossing over.

Love you guys
Andrew & Sue