eNews | Sat 11th Sept ’21

Dear e-News friends & church family, 

This was in my daily reading today,

Watch out for the evening wolves

We read in Habakkuk 1:8
“And keener than wolves in the evening”

This was a prophetic warning by the prophet on Judah’s idolatry, but we should also take heed.
This has been a long season of tiresome challenge, and perhaps we are now at the evening and hopefully at the ending of the darkened covid pandemic day.
Whilst there is an (expected) rise in case rates as the population mix again, the vaccine does seem to be having some effect.

But as believers, we the people of faith who have seen God protect and preserve us, be gracious and kind to us, add to us and provide for us all the way through this dark day, should perhaps now be the most vigilant against the evening wolves. This wolf who has not eaten all day is particularly hungry and aggressive.
Now is the time more than ever to keep up the shield of faith. Now is the time to go back, read again, and stand in Psalm 91.

Now is the time to watch our confession, not give space to slack negative comments, and neither is now the time to say ‘it’s what’s to be expected’ when cases rise.
Remember, we are living under God’s panoply, the shadow of his wings.
We have the full armour of God. We have the name and we have the precious blood of Jesus.
Don’t give in now to the dark evening wolves.

We of course pray for those infected and affected, that recovery is quick and side effects minimal.
Further, don’t let the evening wolf get your spiritual appetite which will affect your desire for the word, the need for fellowship, the flowing of faith.
Don’t let the evening wolf devour your dreams or divert your calling.
We have a good shepherd, who is also the GREAT shepherd of the sheep. He is a master at wolf slaying.
Let’s stand strong, see it through, and come into all that God intends for us.

We look forward to seeing you in-person or on church online this weekend.

We love you
Andrew & Sue

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