eNews | Fri 17th Sept ’21

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Storms Stilled

There is always something more poetic about reading the Psalms in the old King James Bible.

But did you notice what you read?
Written around 600BC we are told about the stilling of the storm.
This exact and precise prophetic prediction happens in Mark 4 as Jesus stills the storms raging around the disciple’s little boat.
It’s almost as if the storms arose by divine design to fulfill God’s written word. God knew beforehand then, just like He does now! You are not forgotten.
Jesus is still the storm stiller, the wave calmer, the wind stopper. He can still the howling hurricanes in your life and mine.

If you take time to read the account in Mark you notice two things.
First Jesus was in the disciple’s boat and fast asleep, not a care in the world. They had to wake him up and when they did he had to both calm them and the storm. The storm in our hearts is often harder to still than the storm on the sea.
But stilled it was, and peacefully they continued until safely crossed.

But when you read this account we also read an almost throwaway phrase:
“And there were also with him other little ships.”
(Mark 4:36)
They are not in the disciple’s boat, but they were clearly a part of the flotilla. They will have also experienced the storm and its stilling. God’s interventions tend to spill over to those around you.
They made it over and so will you!

The exciting thing is, who else has God got on mind to be a part of our breakthrough story?

Can’t wait to see you on the weekend, people are coming to Christ every week in every live location, bring someone with you, or else see you online.

We love you guys,

Andrew & Sue

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