eNews | Sat 26th Oct ’19

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

The clocks go back – but we are going forward!

These have been a momentous few days. We launched our new Legacy ministry on Thursday night with special guests Sarah Malone, EVP Trump Scotland, and her husband and author Damian Bates. It was a brilliant night, with lots of new people and a very significant discussion. It transpires that we had a clandestine reporter present, unannounced and undisclosed, and by this morning, articles have been appearing in the press of our evening together. Regrettably, much of what’s written is inaccurate or untrue. But we conclude that they may not like us, but they can’t ignore us.
Kingdom-minded people will see the significance of the discussion that transpired Thursday night. We rattled the enemy’s cage as we discussed faith, business, politics and destiny, and confronted some of the politically correct media.
These moments really do highlight one of our key values as a people, we are up for it!
So, we are going forward!

And this Sunday, we open and launch:
The Legacy home and away MISSIONARY offering

We have taught in our recent series the importance of finding your BAGG if you want to leave a legacy with your life.
This is our BAGG – Big Audacious God-Given Goal.
And we open our BAGG on Sunday!

£1million for 10,000 souls
God only had one Son, and He was a missionary because the same God is a Father and wanted more sons and daughters in His family, including you and me!

We are setting our sights to win the lost at any cost.

It’s a missionary endeavour at HOME. Jesus told us to go to the ends of the earth, but we need to remember it starts at our end. So, we are reaching for 20 locations in the Glasgow area by the end of next year.
Starting with:
• Extension services in new areas and on new evenings, like Saturday nights.
• We have children’s outreach and programmes planned.
• Youth initiatives underway.
• Many Hope and Healing Meetings lined up.
• Missions teams coming in – and us sending some out.
• We have opened life groups in surrounding areas and will open more.

We are heavily involving in the big Franklin Graham outreach at the Hydro in May next year. Can we take busloads to this event? 12,000 seats to fill. How about us booking 1,000 of them?

It’s a missionary endeavour AWAY.
• The UK’s Capital City – London, needs a big investment. Destiny London has started let’s make it happen with them.
• Our dear brother and son in the faith Solomon in India is waiting for money to print evangelistic literature like This is for you into 2 Indian languages. The team there is ready to evangelise 2 new states and raise up hundreds of churches.
• Destiny Taiwan is ready for expansion.
• China is presenting opportunities.
• Destiny Ghana, Norway and Nigeria have already got going.
• We already partner with JAGO (Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach) in DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. We already give £1,000 per month to these, our African partners, and they have seen over 200,000 come to know Jesus this last year.
We want to double our giving into this amazing ministry. AND Isak Pretorius is with us next weekend for a fabulous Destiny United family fun day.
• And here’s a new one for us, Israel, and the Jewish community. God has already opened significant doors for us to play a part and we have already invested some money to bless, sow and get things going.

We have never – ever – reached for a giving amount like this.
AND we have day to day operating running costs just by being a church.
We need new buildings, upgrade existing ones and upgrade equipment,
We are going to completely, fully and totally trust God for our day to day needs, believing that our tithes and regular offerings will continue to grow to cover these things and bring our entire focus into raising up, sending out and equipping a whole new army of modern-day missionaries.
Let’s make Scotland a missionary sending nation again.
The Legacy missionary fund opens Sunday night, and we will continue to give in to it over the weeks that lie ahead.

There was a day when someone gave so that you could be reached.
The gospel is gloriously free, but it’s going to cost to get the gospel out.

We will try anything – go anywhere to reach people,
And we will win the lost at any cost.

Can’t wait to see you!

We love you guys,
Andrew & Sue

Come along on Sunday night or join us online