The Legacy of Your Life

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

The Legacy of Your Life

Often times we only think about such things at challenging moments. Maybe you have faced a serious illness, maybe you have reached retirement, or maybe as I tragically heard this week, a young mum took her own life leaving 2 children behind. If that was your friend or relative, it would cause you to ask the biggest of questions.

Why am I here? What difference does it make, what is this all about?

But actually, God wants to set you up to succeed, and those coming after you to benefit from your success, including and especially your children.
Not only are we asking this question of ourselves, but also of our church, what legacy do we want to leave?
This coming Sunday I will be speaking in particular to parents and grandparents.
I don’t think that there has ever been a day so challenging for our children, or for the parents raising them. New laws, never before written in the history of the world are attempting to limit, control and undermine family life.
The BBC has made an educational programme for schools informing children that there are now more than 100 gender identity types – encouraging self-discovery. One council in England has introduced a curriculum for more than 200 schools teaching children to experiment with themselves and others sexually from the age of 6. Normally we would call this grooming or child sex abuse, it’s now called education. The same council prohibits parents from removing their children from these classes.
Yet God’s intention is not only for our children to survive – but THRIVE.
God has made a covenant with you, your children and your children’s children.

What will be the legacy of your life?

All of this continuous to come under ‘Vision’, what do we see for our tomorrows? And it is preparing us for our special Legacy Offering in a few weeks’ time.

Last week we were able to deliver to your new Destiny App the introduction to this series and the notes for the first part of a brilliant message called ‘The Vision Needs a Midwife’.
You will be able to get both the new forthcoming notes for the next part of the series, and the catch-up notes there. Simply download the Destiny app, and make sure your location services are turned on for your phone. It will then recognise when you enter the building and send them straight out to you.

Invite people to come with you, BECAUSE:
Sunday night is also water baptisms, with many more getting baptised, even though we have only just had the last one.

Look forward to seeing you,