eNews | Friday 1st May ’20

Dear e-News friends, and our wonderful church family,


Did you know that more than 2,500 years ago a prophet prophesied that God promised a population explosion inside His faith community that would exceed all expectations? (You can read about this in Zechariah 10).

I think that we are here today watching it happen. Here’s a quote from the very reputable New Statesman magazine this week:

“As Covid-19 reminds us of life’s fragility, an increasing number of people are turning to faith and spirituality… Recent data shows others may be engaging more with religion since lockdown.
-The Bible app downloads shot up in March globally.
-The top English Bible on Google play and app store was installed 2 million times in one month. (highest amount ever recorded).
-Eden bookstore announced a 55% rise in sales of hard copy Bibles. 
-Google searches for ‘prayer’ or ‘Christianity’ have skyrocketed. 

The pandemic has triggered a ‘historic spiritual moment.'”

Some people prayed for years for this kind of revival, we never thought it would be a corona-revival.

It’s also important to know, that all kinds of cults/religions/psychics are also getting inundated. People are searching desperately for God, and they just don’t know where to look.

That is where you and I come in, we MUST help point people in the right direction.
Each week we are preaching/teaching clear truth, pointing people towards Jesus who is the only person who ever said, I am the way the truth and the life.

Church is open
Church is online
We are the church

Let’s get everybody in there with us.

You may be shut-in, but we are not shut down.

Jesus also said love your neighbour, right now they are more open to ‘loving’ than any time before.

I am again very grateful to all who have stepped up to make church online happen, with between 20,000-30,000 people with us at church last weekend. This was helped by another week partnering with UCB. We are now seeing the midweek numbers also grow on top of this as people connect in.

Last week we opened a new small group for any new folks connecting, over 275 people dropped in to check out this growth group.
Then, we have passed 3,000 hot meals cooked and handed out with our catering team, and those desperately needed iPads/tablets for the dying in local hospitals continue to come in. Thank you for your generous and much needed giving.

We also received a £20,000 donation for our orphans in India, to equip and start up the move into the new orphanage. Thank you, Jesus!

We do have challenges, we have had to furlough some staff as our buildings are closed for public events, and the income has been lost from hall hires and events.
Our giving into the house has never been more important. Let’s stay faith filled and faithful in our walk with God.

God takes covenant very, very, very, seriously.
He thinks it’s important that we remember this covenant, that’s why Jesus said over communion, ‘do this in remembrance of me.’

In fact, the Bible takes ‘forgetfulness’ in this matter, as being tantamount to disobedience, for this would show Him that self and our human concerns have pushed into the background the reality, the reliability and claims of care, concern and provision that HE has made.

So, please don’t miss communion with Sue and I this Sunday at 5PM, and now again at 9PM for those who need that later time.

Hey – always remember that Gods’ love is both massively endearing and huge on enduring.

See you at church on the weekend and bring your neighbours.

I hope that you enjoy this brand-new song written by our very own Sam Gallagher. I’m sure it will bring a big smile to your face.


We love you guys,
Andrew & Sue