I hope and pray that you are keeping well, safe and confident, and that you already know deep in your heart that the God who said He would never leave you is right there with you, today, tomorrow and always.

Easter was a remarkable moment of celebration, even though it was very different to say the least.

But look at this:


  • The small clip we made ‘What Easter Means To Me’ was watched 260,000 times over the weekend.
  • We had between 16,000 – 20,000 people connect with us on church online last weekend, and the number continues to grow as others catch up again through the week.
  • Around 80 people wanted prayer, and many decisions were made for Jesus.

We are not alone in seeing this, many churches are reporting huge increases of people connecting as the world becomes more fearful.

Whilst we sure do miss meeting each other, we can confidently say the church is open and well outside the four walls of the building.

Then, here in Glasgow we are now cooking 1,000 hot meals a week for the hostels and homeless, and several other community helping projects are underway.

We must make the most of this present situation, by continuing to reach out to all our family and friends, invite ALL of them with you to church online on Sunday at 11am or 5pm (UK time).

Then this Sunday we are live on UCB. Our church services will be streamed to 120,000 UCB friends and followers at the same times of 11am and 5pm.

I am very grateful to all the volunteers working in so many areas, helping make church happen, run well and are making a huge difference.
I am very grateful especially to many who were made temporarily redundant from their regular Sunday ministry teams and have signed up for new tasks and responsibilities.