eNews | Thu 10th Dec ’20

Dear e-News friends and church members,

We made it!

It only feels like yesterday that we put the tree and decorations away from last year, and here we are setting them up again.
It has been a year like no other.
Never have I seen a world so still from lockdowns, but yet so restless through its utter emptiness.
We truly thank God for His abundant goodness, kindness, and faithfulness.
We have thrived not just survived through it. The year has been filled with remarkable praise reports, new initiatives, and a strong Christian family rallying around each other.
There is no place like the family of God.

We have made it a high priority this year to break bread often, at least once a week together, and for many people, it’s been much more often than that.

I find it interesting that the word ‘Christmas’ first appeared around 1038, and comes from ‘Christ’s mass’, with the mass being the breaking of bread.
For nearly a thousand years Christians did not really celebrate the birth of Jesus with a set date in mind, but when it began to be marked and celebrated, they did so with communion.

The Christmas story is delightful, enjoyable but above all supernatural. All of it is hallmarked with God at work. The virgin birth, the angelic visitations, the mystical wise men following a star, and divine supernatural protection. And the same power that brought Jesus into the world, that raised Him from the dead is at work in us, with us and for us.

I have heard just this week of family members coming to Christ through church online, a mother being declared cancer-free, (that’s now several mothers this year), and supernatural provision.

In a world of fake news and conspiracy theories, we are building on solid, strong reliable truth.
The only difference between being uninformed and misinformed is that one is your choice and the other is theirs, but both can lead you into the same place, taking as fact what is actually fiction.
But God’s word is true because He is truth.
You can believe it, receive it, stand on it, hold onto it, and see it bring into your world all that He intended.

Look forward to sharing more on Sunday.

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There are lots of important things happening, including the reopening of friendship café’s this week and we need your help with food for the poor, hampers for the lonely, and giving for the gospel.

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See you Sunday.

Love you guys,