eNews | Day 2 Prayer & Fasting | June ’20

Dear e-News friends and church members,

Did you join us in kicking off our week of prayer and fasting yesterday?

If you did well done!

If you didn’t, don’t worry you can still join us from today, see yesterday’s e-News for ways you might want to fast.

Why do we fast and pray?

Good question!

I love this explanation I heard from someone…
“Nothing creates a hunger for God quite like a hunger for God!”

I love that!

So instead of meals we turn our hearts to God in prayer…

  • Prayer for a harvest of souls across our nations.
  • Prayer for peace and unity among our fellow global citizens.
  • Prayer for a powerful and impactful time for all ages over the month of Surge.


Be blessed today as you continue in our week of prayer and fasting.

Calling on God with you!