eNews | Fri 27th Nov ’20

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YOU Have The Power To Change Lives!

I read recently that 9/10th of succeeding in education is encouragement.
When kids are encouraged they always do better, but then again so do we.

Likewise, discouragement is a killer.

Sometimes at Destiny Church, we run the very successful ‘Leading In Life’ Destiny College programme.

This is a one-year course designed for kids who dropped out of school with little or no qualifications.

If they completed that course, then in turn they were able to get into Glasgow University to undertake a degree course.

Many of the kids who made it were often the first person ever to get to a college or university in their families.

Sadly, even when they got there, their own families would all too often say ‘you’ve changed’, and this was not said as a compliment. It was intended as an insult, meaning ‘you think that you’re better than us.’

Some had to take the radical step of cutting off their own families to succeed, others quit the course, unable to overcome the discouragement whilst the whole time they had the ability.

There is a famine of discouragement right now, but we have it within our power to make it a rich harvest and see the lives transformed as a result.

We can all encourage, but we have to be generous to do so. Anne Franke said: “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

God Himself takes encouragement very seriously and discouragement even more so.
Join me this Sunday morning at 11AM  as we unpack these thoughts, and this Sunday night we also have the outstanding Bible Teacher, Stephen Matthew bringing a powerful word.

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Love you guys,

Andrew & Sue

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