eNews | Fri 2nd Oct ’20


Dear e-News friends, guests and church members,

If I received the special invitation to meet Her Majesty the Queen I would respond immediately and prepare with eager excitement and careful anticipation. There are some things we just couldn’t and wouldn’t take for granted! The phrase, “This is your life belt – you’ll find it under your seat,” causes many people to switch off but why?

You are invited! With a question and answer time planned. We are meeting up tomorrow at 1pm for our 21st Diamonds event.


TOMORROW hosted LIVE and online by Destiny women from Edinburgh and Glasgow we hear from your leaders about what is happening where you are across EUROPE, AFRICA and ASIA.

Prophetic words are given with a view into the future and wise advice – to get us ready for moving FORWARD. Across the globe a passion is rising in the hearts of women to be heard and make a difference and your voice can be nurtured and heard here!

There was a time when I wasn’t BRAVE – I remember as a teenager being afraid that we’d go to war with Russia – alarming things on the news channels frightened me, things I didn’t understand.

Thank God for salvation, for friends, for truth that is unchanging – for the prophetic that shows us what’s coming. An update of God’s word to us comes from Anne Calver. She broadcasts on TBN UK, is a Baptist minister, her husband Gavin is CEO of the Evangelical Alliance. She is just about to launch a new ministry. We are blessed to WELCOME Anne.

I want to CALL unity today! Unity is not just choosing not to fight! Unity is turning up when you’re called to be there! Unity is obeying the instructions so we all come out in one piece with ALL of those we LOVE. Unity is carrying the same voice in sync and with one heart! Let’s plan what we’re going to stop doing, and also plan what we’re going to start doing – I’m calling YOU to get involved! To find your best fit within the BIG picture.

THIS IS ALL NEW – God is an economical Father and He will invest in those who buy in to His big plan – and His plans involve a body not an isolated organ.

Ladies our voice is growing, be part of this with us and CONNECT with Diamonds tomorrow at 1pm via:

If you’re STUCK and you want to move forward – you need to get ready…
BLESS YOUR WIFE and take the family out for a walk – please ENCOURAGE her to meet with us live on zoom – we can pray with her tomorrow if she’s needing that. She’ll be blessed you did that! A happy wife means a happy life!

If you’re an uncle encourage your niece’s to join in and see what’s going on. If you’re a friend invite all the ladies you know to come along because the door is open and there’s a seat for every single one.

Come on there are no EXCUSES, no accommodation costs, no travel fees and you can wear what you want! Be you, Be with us…
Jesus sat down at the right hand side of the Father (Ephesians 2:20) when God had raised Him from the dead. Wake up!

Where will you sit? On your own with a coffee or alongside us, in love and hearing all that’s going on with Destiny women. Friends old and new will be there together finding a PLAN and each other in it.

Moving forward – getting ready!
Come with us,

P.S –  Don’t miss next Friday night as we CATCH up together! Already there are over 4,000 views of our Box ladies discipleship series with fellowship, testimonies and teaching. I’ve NEVER seen our women so empowered, encouraged and upbeat…. You can join a more intimate Box group this week by visiting our webpage and signing up here.

The Box