eNews | Fri 30th Oct ’20

Dear eNews friends and church members,

Opportunity Knocks
I was sad to hear of Bobby Ball’s passing yesterday. Both Bobby Ball and Tommy Cannon have visited us many times at Destiny. Most of us found it easy to bring people to church at that point, since they were so well known. We were well entertained as they went through their comic routine and told their remarkable stories of coming to Christ. Bobby was a remarkable trophy of grace and they are both a real testimony to the transforming power of the gospel.

The first time I ever met them was in the 90’s when they were in panto at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow. I would go into the theatre many times a week and pray with the cast. Then one Sunday, on Bobby’s birthday they all came to church, the entire cast and the theatre management. David Greer came to Christ that day, and the daughter of another cast member got healed from a terminal cancer. Further, the BBC came and did a documentary on that healing.

You just never know when a very ordinary moment can become a life-changing encounter.
Our lives are filled with very many ordinary moments, but not one of them is lived without an extraordinary God.
I once went to buy a pizza and it resulted in Ivan Squillino coming to Christ, and just look what has happened through his life since.

Most months I get letters, emails or messages from people who have found Jesus through one of our broadcasts, and that makes my day like nothing else. Sometimes they just happened to have come across the broadcast, but most times by far, they were brought within reach by someone else. Many of these times a family member, friend or colleague were already praying for them as someone had sent in their names to our praying4u@destiny-church.com prayer team.
In other words, let’s determine to make the mundane, a miracle moment. Be open for God to use you. Look out for that divine appointment, ask God for an opportunity, it really is knocking at your door.
We love you guys and look forward to seeing you on the weekend, great services coming up.

God bless,

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