eNews | Fri 9th Oct ’20

Dear e-News friends & church family,

Above All Else

The Bible is full of amazing wisdom and divine instruction, but there is one thing that it raises above all else, for we read:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:23

Our heart is the seat of our emotions, the place where our ideas and thoughts originate, the room within which we talk to ourselves, and the place where we can commune with God. It’s also the place where we dream big dreams and stir up godly affections with love for one another.

In the present climate, many things are trying desperately to get into our hearts.
They include fear, and anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. They are like thieves coming to steal our confidence, our faith, and our hope, trying the windows of our minds, the backdoor of our attitudes, and trying to get over the wall of our emotions.

But above all else guard your heart!

Keep it steady in faith, restful in peace, and undergirded with this confidence, that God is good, and He means to be good to you.
If you will fill your mind with God’s word, you will automatically fill your heart with faith.

This second wave Covid-19 season seems to have no end at the moment, but it will end, and we will thrive in it not just survive in it.

I don’t know about you, but I am so blessed with the testimony stories that we have now started including in our broadcast each week, and by the real-life stories of those we are interviewing in the breaking of bread service on Sunday afternoons.

This last weekend was amazing for the ladies as several thousand tuned into the Diamonds women’s conference, and the fun continues tonight with Sue as she hosts another ‘Box‘ moment, and again tomorrow as our keynote speaker Anne Calver does live questions and answers session.

Diamonds Q&A with Anne Calver

I am personally so encouraged to see many ladies hungry for God, zealous to grow, and all reaching for both their full potential and destinies. And this is exactly what the Box and Diamonds are designed to do.

The Box 

Further, this weekend we start some live church ‘friendship house’ style meetings at some of our church buildings. We are so sorry that spaces are very limited due to the present restrictions, but it’s a start to enable us to see each other again.

This Sunday there are two great moments for you, the morning service is full of great worship and a powerful word, and we had the honour of interviewing the Deputy Israeli Ambassador, Sharron Bar-li as she visited with us here in Glasgow. You won’t want to miss that this week.

Stay safe, stay strong, don’t hesitate to call us if we can do anything at all for you, and don’t forget:

  • Church is open
  • Church is online
  • We ARE the church

They can shut down the meetings, but they can’t shut down the church.

We love you guys,